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I have used Erno Laszlo products since 1968 I am always getting compliments on how good my face and skin  looks.

I use  my products  in the morning and at bed time.

I will be 84 in March and I am grateful that I started using Erno Laszlo products  many years ago.

Sherrry & Jeanie of Elements Beauty shop  have been very helpful in the use of the products.

I live in California and they are just  a phone call away when ever I need some information and advice  on products.


Betty P

I have been using Erno Laszlo for many years

Thank you so much for such a speedy delivery of these wonderful products and thank you some much for the extra shampoo and the other gifts!!  I am so delighted with everything!!  Oh I wish you were a little closer to where I live. I told everybody at the hospital where I work.  For sure I will visit Elements again pretty soon. I have the prettiest hair in town!!!  Thank you, again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luz

Topganic Shampoo

Thank you for sending the Jack Black Hand Lotion so quickly.......
It's terrific on my very, very dry skin....
I like small, personalized, family businesses in the U.S.....and I'll continue to order it from you. Maybe even try some of your other products.
Thanks too for your handwritten note.....

You've got a new customer.


Jack Black


This is just a little note to say Thank you! for the extra attention you gave to my recent online order (Gianna Rose Dachshund soap). 

I can honestly say that in my 57 years (20 of those years with purchasing online!) , I have never experienced such personal care and attention for my order. 

Thank you for the gift wrapping, and the phone message. All is appreciated; best of luck to your continued success with your business and I will certainly purchase from you again!

 Happy Holidays!



I had seen dachshund soaps in the recent December “My Favorite Things” of O Magazine, but had to Google to find the item, as I had misplaced the magazine... which is how I found you, which was a lovely find!

Dachshund soaps reminded me why I've made an effort to #shopsmall over the last several years. I ordered a gift for someone on the East Coast and was surprised here on the West Coast with a thank you note, a full-size hand creme and samples of organic/cruelty-free/luxury beauty products. Now how often does that happen with the big retailers? Check out this family-owned and operated shop for your last minute holiday gifts.

East Coast Gift

Thank you so so much for your fast service, I placed an order yesterday and received in today...thank you for gift wrapping looks perfect...your customer service was the best...Will definitely be doing a lot of my Christmas shopping with you...couldn't be happier with your service and how nice you were, so helpful..thank you

So Helpful

I ordered 4 soaprocks on Feb. 16. Feb 18 and they just arrived!! Wonderful service. Plus a nice added bonus of a few samples. Plus a nice hand written note.

I work in customer service and yours is beyond wonderful. It's nice to know there are companies out there with an eye towards excellence, not only in products that are carried but ease of conducting business.

I most certainly will be back!

Thank you,

Fast Order, Great Customer Service

I placed an order 2 days ago and signed up for the newsletter and I did not get my 15% discount so I just wrote a message on your website just letting you know that. Within 15 minutes I received a phone call apologizing for not being able to get the discount. She then explained why and said she would make sure she adjusted the bill so that got my 15% discount. First that was so so nice that she left me a message letting me know why and second that she was going to make sure I got my discount!!! Now that's CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!! That was above and beyond and I just wanted to let you guys how refreshing it was and how much I really appreciated the extra effort of calling me and taking care of the problem! Thank you so much and keep it up! I WILL be ordering from you more often. And by the way I am a first time customer. Thank you again!! :)

News Letter

Thank you for your help and to let you know how much I appreciate your impeccable service. Your  words follow action. A rare quality is today's computerized society. I will not use any other cosmetic company to help me with facial and body treatments. Thank you for your kind and courteous attention, Anita 

Impeccable service

Dear ElementsBeauty Shop,
I received my package today. I just want to say thank you so much for the sample bag!! I was not expecting it, and it’s filled with everything so good! I’ve never had a little sample baggie that contained products I feel comfortable using, so will actually use them!! Thank you sooo very much and for introducing me to new products.


Love the Samples

Your site is so beautiful. I love just browsing around. it is so nice to have this many cruelty free brands to pick from.
Thank you so much,

Love to Browse your site

Dear Sherry and Jeanie:

 I did receive my order promptly! Thank you!!

 As a retired business owner I am very grateful for your excellent service and very prompt delivery of my products.

 I am also grateful for your helpful, alternative suggestions if my products are no longer available.

You are a great team, I look forward to placing my next order with you soon.




Prompt Service

Thank you so much for your quick service and nice note!

I am a long time user of Erno Laszlo and having difficulty finding things I need!

So nice to know you all are continuing to keep it in stock! Thanks again!
Cheerfully, Susan

Erno Laszlo User

Dear Sherry and Jeanie,

I just wanted to thank you for the generous amount of samples you sent me. When I opened the box, it smelled delicious!

The personal note is a great final touch. I’m a sucker for good customer service. I’ll be a customer for life!

I’m thrilled with my stuff.

Best regards,


Great samples!

Thank you for sending the products so quickly, and the handwritten note was an extra special touch as well as all the sample goodies.  Looking forward to using everything, and I will order from Elements again!!

Kindest regards,


Samples and notes!

Jeanie and Sherry!!


Thank you for my note and shipments.  I am excited about the samples you sent.  I am all about natural and organic "anything".


I will use my points next time I order.


Thanks and I will be shopping soon again.



Organic Ingredients!

Hello Sherry and Jeanie,  

I received my first order from you today, three of the soap rocks.  They are fascinating !  The opal one in particular is just stunning. What wonderful gifts these would make!  

 loved your hand written note, who does THAT anymore?   I am a self confessed beauty/ product junkie, and I LOVE family owned businesses that add the personal touch.

Anyway, I will definitely be ordering more from you and I think the rocks are going to be big on my gift list this year.  A few of these in a pretty bag with a beautiful soap dish would be great.  


That Personal Touch


YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!  I love the marula lip moisturizer and facial oil. creamy, soft, refreshing! 

thanks so much,


I love the marula lip moisturizer!

I want to thank you for the great online shopping experience with your company. The handwritten note and extra gift were a nice surprise. It’s been a long time since I’ve had that “personal touch” from an online experience, and I’m looking forward to sharing the soaps with friends and family.

Thanks for your help,


Great Experience!

I received my order today, Saturday, Oct. 11.... I only ordered this on Thursday. Great Service!  Thank You!


Quick Service!

I just wanted to thank you for the personal note sent to me with my first order. It meant so much to me to have a personal touch. I look forward to ordering from you and to hearing from you about suggestions! i appreciate the samples. I am a 57 year old woman and appreciate all of your suggestions! Again, thank you for your thoughtfulness. I wish you the best as a small company. We travel to Richmond every summer and spend one night on our way to NC. We have stayed in the business district but would love to be in the historic district.


Personal touch and great suggestions!

Dear Sherry &Jeanie:

Just wanted to let you know I received the cream I ordered along with your little gift. It was very kind of you to give me a complimentary gift. I appreciate your sweet note, it's a pleasure to do business with such nice ladies. I have Erno Laszlo products for many years with satisfactory results. Have a nice day!


Thank You!

Dear Sherry,

Just wanted to thank you again for your INCREDIBLE customer service!!!! The precious little “goodie” box arrived on Friday much to my mom’s excitement, and then the candles came on Saturday! She was absolutely THRILLED and I am beyond appreciative! You WILL be hearing from us again for more candles, etc! Thank you again for everything that you did to make my mom's birthday extra special!


Incredible customer service!

Hi Ladies,

just left a small order. Boy oh boy, your loyalty points sure are a great way for us to earn savings as we purchase goodies from your wonderful site and products. Thanks for my latest order I received last Friday I believe it was. You guys are sooooo quick and efficient, it makes doing business with you such a pleasure!

Your California Buddy,


Amazing Service!

Thanks for such a quick response with your phone call this A.M. Sorry I missed you, but got your voice-mail. I was happy to learn I already had a loyalty points account, which by the way I've already used and I believe earned some more with my order today. Just wanted to tell you and Jeanie both that you ladies are some smart cookies! the one sample you sent with my order, the Hampton Sun Privet Bloom really caught my "scent-se's" :) and I just HAD to order the bottle as well as the roll-on. Normally I am a Prada Candy girl, but this just screamed summer and light fun days. Thanks again for such great service as well as a wonderful, enticing web site and products.

A loyal customer already,


Enticing website and products!