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  • Taking Care of the Earth and You!


    why-earth-loves-organic-farming1-242x300In honor of Earth Day and Earth Week, I wanted to focus attention on our wide variety of natural, organic and Certified Organic products. Elements Beauty Shop has been very conscious of choosing product lines that include natural, organic and Certified Organic ingredients, use sustainable farming practices, and of course are animal friendly. (Meaning: No Animal Testing)

    In our research, we believe that we have come up with some of the finest companies, using the best, most ethical practices, and producing the finest natural products available. I would like to introduce you to 80 Acres.


    80AcresNat80 Acres Body oils, butters, balms and bath salts were born on the McEvoy Ranch in beautiful Petaluma, California. In 2012 the New York International Gift Fair recognized 80 Acres for being the best in eco-friendly products and business practices. In order to be included, the products must meet the following criteria:

    • “Green” Products: products that are manufactured or constructed with only recycled, recycleable and/or sustainable materials
    • Environmentally-Friendly Production Practices: manufacturers who are using renewable or alternative sources of energy in production, including wind, sun and alternative fuels
    • Socially Responsible Business Practices
    • Meet NYIGF’s “zero tolerance” policy for toxic products: VOC; Lead: PVC, without recommendation for use and disposal, and unless repurposed; and Aniline dyes, formaldehyde, chlorine (for textiles)

    The entire 80 Acres Body Care collection is made locally in small batches using USDA-certified organic olive oil and a rich variety of botanically sourced ingredients. They use recycled packaging as much as possible and operate a wind turbine at their olive ranch which is designed to meet 100% of their energy needs. All of their products are paraben, pthalate and sulfate-free and never tested on animals.

    Well done, 80 Acres!


  • Organic Beauty

    organic skin care

    As a nation, we sure have come a long way in the way we treat Mother Earth. More people upcycle, recycle, build greener, more efficient homes, reduce our energy consumption.....and the list goes on.

    But what about what we put on our skin? Did you know that over 60% of what we put ON our skin is absorbed into our bodies? Yep, it's true! What exactly is a phthalate or sodium laurel sulfate, PEG's, DEA's and butylene glycol? And do we really want it in our bodies?

    Most consumers have started purchasing organic food because they don't want to be exposed to harmful pesticides and chemicals. That’s the same reason millions of consumers have turned to natural and organic beauty products made with certified organic ingredients; they want to have all the benefits of great beauty products without any unhealthy ingredients.


    Introducing JUICE BEAUTY! The skincare created in an antioxidant rich juice base, which means that every drop feeds your skin with powerful antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins and minerals! clinically validated and authentically organic.

    Clinically Validated Instrument Measured Results (in just 6 weeks):

    • 100% improved hydration
    • 96% improved dark circles and puffiness around eyes
    • 88% reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
    • 88% improved skin tone and luminosity
    • 75% improved elasticity of the skin
    • Before

    Before and after

    Clinically Validated Results (in just 4 weeks):

    • Green Apple Age Defy Serum: Reduces free radical damage by 68% with significant brightening properties
    • Green Apple Age Defy Moisturizer: Reduces free radical damage up to 59%

    Before and After 2After 4 Weeks with an Independent Focus Group, Results Show:

    • 94% saw improvement to complete clearing
    • 88% of participants saw significant enhanced skin tone and texture with the Green Apple Peel treatment immediately

    My list of favorites:

    Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer

    Stem Cellular Repair Booster Serum


    Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream

    (in Natural Glow or Warm Glow)

    What is CC Cream? Think BB Cream on Steroids! A color correcting 12 in 1 multi-tasking cream for your skin that leaves it fresh and glowing and beautiful!

    Use this with just a hint of concealer on those hard to cover blemishes and there is no need for foundation! Perfect for summer!


  • That Bridal Glow

    wedding-dress-by-jenny-yoo-spring-2013-bridal-arianna-detail_largeThe Make-up trend for Spring Brides 2013 seems to be leaning toward a soft, natural, sleek and simplistic look. Not only in make-up but in the overall theme of the bride in general.

    How many bridal magazines have you gazed at and thought to yourself, I want to look just like THAT on my wedding day!

    The thing is, no matter how much make-up you do or don't wear on your special day, it won't mean much if your canvas is not picture perfect. And by canvas, I mean YOUR SKIN.

    In an article that appeared in Australian Vogue in January 2013:

    Maya Bilalis, who owns a Medispa in Sydney’s Woollahra, has seen her share of bridal beauty meltdowns and believes it’s best to embark on a dermal overhaul well before your wedding.

    “Depending on the condition your skin is in, I recommend creating a skin regimen three to six months before your actual wedding day: it won’t work to start a week before.”

    #2 on Maya's list of 8 Steps to Glowing, Aisle Ready Skin says:

    2. Think big picture
    “Think about the skin all over your body, not just your face. What kind of dress are you wearing on the day? If it’s backless, you may need to give your back a facial or your legs may need exfoliation and preparation if changing into a cocktail dress.”

    Ahava Softening Butter Salt Scrub and Ahava Mineral Body Lotion helps to soften, exfoliate, moisturize and restore a beautiful natural glow to the skin with minerals from The Dead Sea.

    softening-butter-salt-scrub_3 water-mineral-body-lotion-250ml








    #6 on her list talks about your skincare routine:

    6. Amp up your skincare
    “Use products that contain skin-renewing AHAs/DHAs and antioxidants that fight free radicals to protect your skin. The most skin-effective vitamins for perfect skin are vitamin A/C/E."

    cell-food-productluminous_c10_night_treatment Elemental Herbology's Cell Food is an intensive, powerhouse dose of antioxidants and reparative nutrients helps stimulate collagen and elastin production to restore vitality and radiance and reduces the effects of aging such as dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

    Erno Laszlo's Luminous C10 Night Treatment works while you sleep. The skin recovers its natural balance in order to recharge its youthful brightness. Speed up the process with this illuminating night moisturizer. With 10% Vitamin C, the highest allowable dose, it works overnight to repair discoloration and environmental damage and stimulate collagen production for brighter, younger looking skin.

    And don't forget those last minute glamorous finishing touches!

    absolute_finish_foundation_spf_15_6 Tryst Dusting Silk  Get full, flawless skin coverage with a protective barrier. This air whipped mousse make up delivers a natural looking finish, plus antioxidant and broad-spectrum UV protection.

    Erno Laszlo Absolute Finish Foundation is absolutely amazing! You get that "porcelain finish", although I definately recommend using a foundation brush with this one.

    And lastly, the Diamond Dusting Silk in Tryst by Lady Primrose :  A simple twist unlocks the brush and releases the dusting silk into the bristles. Easy to use and travel with, this acrylic handled dusting brush is refillable with your favorite Lady Primrose dusting silk. The dusting silk inside the handle contains finely crushed chamomile and marigold flowers, blended with silk and plant extracts. Along with a delicate fragrance, this powder contains a beautiful shimmer that is sure to turn heads.

  • Beautiful Surroundings

    Old Vanity AccessoriesIt is a psychological fact that beautiful, esthetically pleasing surroundings affect our percieved mood, energy and general feeling of well being!

    Victorian Hand Mirrors






    Wouldn't it be so much more relaxing for the mad morning rush to get ready for work if all around you gleaming jars of scented creams and powders invited you to just slow down and pamper yourself for a moment?

    Mirror Bath Collection


    Lady Primrose offers stunning additions to your bathroom decor. They have a Mirrored Bath Collection that is to die for!! These accessories can be used in so many different design styles. Modern, Vintage, Victorian and even "Shabby Chic".




    "Fab Bridesmaids' Gift: Celadon Body Crème with engraveable lid from Lady Primrose."

    -Bride's Magazine

    These little beauties come in four different elegant fragrances with an engraveable lid. And no worries, there is a refill available! Just pop off that engraved top and put it right on the brand new jar!



    And who could resist this "bee charmer" candle filled with Royal Extract scent?



    Shop the full Lady Primrose collection when you Shop by Brand at and beautify your surroundings!!



  • Managing our retail boutique in historic Carytown

    I just LOVE my job! How many people can say that? Well, this is where I find myself after all these years. I feel lucky, lucky enough to have a job and one that I really enjoy as well. I wanted to share with you some of the reasons and introduce you to the behind the scenes of the website, the hub of the business.

    First.... The Where

    According to Wikipedia: Carytown is an urban retail district lining Cary Street at the southern end of the Museum District in Richmond, Virginia. The district includes over 300 shops, restaurants, and offices. Located near The Fan District, the district is known for having a bohemian flair. The area has become a center for high-end, independent retail shops and boutiques, and is also home to one of the city's beloved institutions, the Byrd Theatre, a restored movie palace that has operated continuously since 1928 and shows second-run films for a $1.99 ticket price. Carytown is also home to the annual Carytown Watermelon Festival, which is the biggest in the United States.

    Carytown_Shopping R0806_CARY The Byrd TheaterMany of the shops in Carytown are in historical buildings. The Virginia Department of Historic Resources  gives recognition to the Cary Court shopping district for its major influence in Virginia's commercial development in the Twentieth Century.

    Carytown is also host to other great festivals such as The Beer Festival, Chalk Up the Town and A new Year's Eve Celebration akin to Times Square.













    I'm always learning new things!

    I have always loved the retail end of "Girl World". And by that I mean skin care, lotions, soaps, candles. All things beautiful and girly and that smell good. Not only do I get to be first in learning all about the newest things to help your skin and make you feel wonderful, but I'm so excited to be learning how to build an internet business. I know, I'm a little bit of a geek for saying this, but it just makes my day when I can answer a question about Erno Laszlo for a customer in California, or just seeing that someone has ordered a product and I get to wrap up a package, add a sample of a little something-something and know that person will be just as excited to get it as I was to send it! And I ALWAYS include a small personal note to your invoice, just to let you know Thank You! An actual person filled your order. :)

    I get to be so creative!

    Bathtub display

    One of my VERY favorite things to do is build displays and display windows that are colorful, beautiful, and ENTICING! Ladies, I know the feeling, you enter a store and the "vibe" just makes you want to buy EVERYTHING! It's a weakness, right? The bubbles in the bath tub? Gumballs and Sixlets! (Don't eat the display!)

    And finally, CUSTOMER SERVICE!

    Can I get an "Amen"? I mean, there is a fine line when you shop in a store to being left too alone, being hovered over, or getting just the right amount of information that tips you over into buying a product you are considering trying. Also, for my internet shoppers, it's so so nice to have an email question answered promptly, or when you call, to get someone helpful and friendly on the phone! As a consumer myself, these things mean A LOT to me, so I do my very best to provide that level of service myself.

    So now you know why I love my job. If you are lucky enough to live in RVA, come by and see me, I would love to chat! If you don't live here, shoot me an email and leave a comment. I would love to hear from you!



  • Beauty from the Sea

    The Dead Sea is our home at the bottom of the world. It's a strikingly beautiful and peaceful place - a geological wonder filled with the kind of contrasts that only Mother Nature could create.

    It's mysterious: An oasis in the middle of the wilderness; a unique salty lake and muddy shoreline that holds the Earth's greatest concentration of skin-moisturizing minerals; sea water filled with a one-of-a-kind, age- delaying algae; and skin-soothing plants that grow in the driest desert conditions.

    The Dead Sea


    I don't know about you, but if I could  bathe in lotion, I would. I can't stand the feeling of dry skin! As many brands of lotion that are out there, it is really hard to find one that actually works. Some have too much fragrance, they smell great but don't really moisturize. Some are too greasy, some too light to make a difference. I wanted a skin moisturizer that leaves my skin feeling velvety soft, nothingmore,nothing less. And then I discovered AHAVA...


    Deadsea Mud

    Black mineral mud found in the Dead Sea region rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium, and iron is essential to maintaining healthy, supple skin. The natural properties of mud have been scientifically proven to restore suppleness and moisture levels in overly dry skin while relieving and soothing symptoms such as soreness, roughness, redness and cracking.


     Shea Butter

    Made from the nut of the African Shea Tree, Shea Butter provides the skin with essential vitamins needed to soften, smooth, and improve health. Its therapeutic properties aide in protecting skin from wind, cold, sun and helps heal wounds faster.
    These are only two of many ingredients in the Ahava line that gaurantee this is the best moisturizer for your dry skin. Other ingredients include Goji Berries, Date Extract, Icelandic Moss and Vitamin C.
    Over the years that I have been using this product, I have met many devotees who won't use anything else. I know that all of us here at the shop are now addicted! My absolute favorite is the AHAVA Caressing Body Sorbet. It has a fresh, buttery wonderful scent that is so rich. If you couple the Sorbet with the Softening Butter Salt Scrub, which is Jeanie's favorite, your skin feels like butter. Sherry prefers the Dermud Nourishing Body Cream for the winter. Any of the Dermud products are loaded with minerals from the mud of the Dead Sea and give your skin the ultimate quenching kiss.
    Until next time!
    Happy Moisturizing!

  • Erno Laszlo Skin Care

    Imagine for a moment the ultra glamorous movie stars and female icons of the 1950’s and 60’s. Such awe inspiring beauties as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly and the fiercest of them all Jacqueline Kennedy O’Nassis. Their photos were taken BEFORE the age of air brushing and Photoshop, so when they were having a "bad skin day", well, what was a girl to do? They each owned their own particular brand of beauty, and I want to share with you their secret….Erno Laszlo.

    A little history:

    Erno LaszloIn 1921, Erno Laszlo completes his studies in skin pathology and skin disease with Professor Max Joseph, "the father of modern dermatology".

    In 1927, Dr. Laszlo heals Hungary's Princess Stephanie of acute acne, restoring her self esteem. He also successfully treats Frida Gombaszogl, one of Hungary's most celebrated actresses after she is shot in the face at point blank range by a rejected suitor.Frida Gombaszogl

    Encouraged by his successes, Dr. Laszlo opens the first Erno Laszlo Institute of scientific cosmetology in Budapest.

    Years later, after opening a skin institute on Fifth Avenue in New York and building a clientele that included Hollywood's most elite, Women's Wear Daily would announce that Erno Laszlo skin care  was "in demand" and the most "pivotal line now".

    Marilyn Monroe was not only a devotee of the line but also a close personal friend of the Dr.'s. When newspapers around the world carried photos of her death bed, jars of Erno Laszlo Active Phelityl Cream could be seen on her nightstand.

    During the 1960's, the list of clients seeking treatment from Erno Laszlo grows to include Jacqueline Kennedy and her sister, and the luminous Audrey Hepburn who is famously quoted as saying "I owe 50% of my beauty to my mother and 50% to Erno Laszlo."


    In 2009, Laszlo again revolutionized the skincare market with the introduction of its Firmarine line which contains the super- nutrient algae Spirulina Maxima to firm, nourish and moisturize the skin.

    And today, in 2013, the rich tradition continues. The famous Erno Laszlo Institute has re-opened and will also be featuring a display of some of Marilyn Monroe's personal effects, including that iconic jar on her nightstand.

    I, personally, have fallen in LOVE with this line. I have been truly amazed by the intense healing power of the 3-9 Formula cream, the Timeless Skin Serum, Hydraphel Day Cream, and one of my favorites, the Phelityl Cleansing Bar. It's soap! Yes, soap. I have always just felt, I don't know, cleaner, when I wash with soap and this bar washes away ALL traces of my make-up so Im not left with those yucky brown streaks on my white towels when I dry my face.

    The best news? I am offering FREE skin care consultations with the Erno Laszlo line during January and February. Hopefully you are reading this and live in the Richmond area. If you don't live in the area, don't worry, we aren't leaving you out! A $150 qualifying purchase on the web site will get you a free gift of the Firmarine cream! A $100 value! BUT, not only am I offering the FREE consultation, if you make a purchase of at least $150, I will be giving FREE mini-facials! I give a pretty good facial massage, if I do say so myself! And, if you cant make it by, please feel free to call the shop and ask me any question you may have about the Erno Laszlo line. I'm out to turn you in to a fan just like I am!


  • Hello Everyone!

    Hello Everyone!

    Let me introduce myself. My name is Laurie Edwards and I am the Boutique Manager here at the Elements Beauty Shop storefront in the historic Carytown shopping district in Richmond, Virginia.

    Welcome to my first blog post! In the weeks, months, and (hopefully years) to come,  I will be blogging about several topics related to our store and website such as: the history of some of our most revered products, product reviews, tips on how to choose the right product for you, natural vs. organic products, in-store events and website promotions and so many more. I have so many ideas that I cant wait to share with you! But FIRST, I would love to introduce you to the great staff behind the website, the store, and behind YOU, the customer.

    Since I've already told you MY name, I'll start with me. Since my early 20's (just a couple of years ago) I have worked in the beauty industry. First as a model, then as a beauty consultant and specialist, as an esthetician, a make-up artist and lastly as a devoted user. Just like any of you, I have subjected my skin to so many abuses, including bad diet choices, medications, smoking *eek!*, my sun loving addiction, etc. But through it all, I have always used some kind of beauty regimen for my skin. I never fail to moisturize my skin right out of the shower, both body and face.  As a result, and thanks to good genes Mom and Dad!, I have managed to avoid so many of the pitfalls associated with aging skin.

    As a make-up artist, one of my most asked questions has been how to achieve that flawless makeup look sported by red carpet celebrities and models in magazines. The secret is the canvas!


    That's right, without good skin and short of being airbrushed, you can't achieve a smooth, flawless look unless you have healthy skin underneath!  Fortunately, my passion is to make EVERY woman feel beautiful!  So in the weeks and months to come, please feel free to email me your questions, concerns, and blog topics you would like to see at  In the mean time, it's nice to meet you and hope to see you in the store sometime! P.S. I will be 45 in May!
    JessicaNext, let me introduce you to the beautiful Jessica Farrar, Boutique Associate. Jessica is a senior at Cosby High School and will be attending Longwood University in the fall. I have known Jessica for about 4 years now and I can tell you, she is beautiful inside and out! All of us at Elements Beauty Shop are so proud of the outstanding young lady that she is. Thanks to the experts at such companies as Erno Laszlo, Jurlique, Kneipp and AHAVA that have provided such excellent training for us, Jessica is well on her way to becoming an expert in skin care. With her easy smile and equally easy going and helpful attitude, she is a pleasure to work with and I'm sure you will find it a pleasure to work with her, just as we do.

    Our Philosophy

    If We Wouldn’t Use It, We Won’t Sell It.

    We are devoted to bringing you the finest niche, boutique, natural and organic fragrances and personal beauty care products available. You can feel sure when you shop with us that the fragrances and skin care products on our website are authentic, proven effective, have a sterling reputation and are safe for you and your family to use. Elements Beauty is proud to be an Authorized Retailer for the products we carry.

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