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Erno Laszlo Beauty Uncompromised

Elements of Carytown will host the event from 10 to 5 on April 26th. 3425 West Cary St. Richmond VA 23221. Call for your appointment 866-216-4225. We carry the entire Erno Laszlo line on our website if you cannot make the event.
Erno Laszlo


EtroFragrances - Embracing the Senses

Etro’s fragrance collection contains more than perfumes. The art of Etro perfume making creates an essence of life in a bottle - pure concentrates of varying emotions and flavors. Such fragrances become a part of our universe, evoking color and embracing the senses. Each begins to tell its own unique story as it become part of the wearer and ultimately an expression of character as well as personality.


Mosaiq - Unique, Intense and Elegant

Mosaiq candles and reed diffusers are elegantly and uniquely styled with natural botanicals and exotic extracts. Each candle and diffuser comes in a beautifully constructed presentation box. The natural, long-lasting soy candles burn cleanly emitting perfectly balanced, opulent, intense fragrances with precise concentrations of essential oils.


La Natura - Luxurious Natural Hair Care

LaNatura's shampoos and conditioners, handmade in small batches under strict quality control, are power packed with natural antioxidants, sun protection and moisturizers to cleanse and condition hair without stripping while natural proteins keep hair healthy and strong.
La Natura


Pink Sugar - Flirty, Fun and Delicious. Or Sophisticated and Seductive. Your Choice...

Pink Sugar and Pink Sugar Sensual by Aqualina whisk you off on a journey to places of remembered sweet pleasures and flavors.
Pink Sugar