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  • Everything You Need to Know About Mason Pearson Hair Brushes

    Why is a Good Hairbrush Essential?

    Correct brushing with a quality hairbrush is the best way to help maintain good hair condition and repair the damage done to hair by exposure to sun, wind, pollutants and use of hair coloring or other chemicals. Daily brushing with a good brush that meets the individual’s needs is essential in keeping the hair clean, glossy and healthy looking.Why Mason Pearson? Hair brushes by Mason Pearson are recognized by discriminating consumers as unique in both design and quality.  They are a luxury beauty product that truly delivers.IMG_2996

    • The Mason Pearson Hair Brush is designed to provide many years of quality usage.
    • The Mason Pearson Hair Brush maximizes the health and appearance of the hair and scalp through its unique patented design.
    • The Mason Pearson Hair Brush cleans the hair and stimulates the scalp without irritation, increasing the blood flow to the hair roots and spreading the sebum from the scalp’s sebaceous glands.
    • The sebum naturally gives the hair strength, suppleness and a healthy sheen.

    Mason Pearson's ingenious brush construction achieves the desired type of scalp stimulation by adjusting automatically to the contour of the scalp without irritation.

    • The distinctive design incorporates spired, uneven tufts of boar bristle and nylon mixture set in a pneumatic rubber pad that enables each individual tuft to penetrate through to the scalp.
    • The hairbrush massages and stimulates the scalp activating the release of sebum, the natural oil that increases hair’s shine, strength and manageability.
    • Equally important is the quality of the bristles.  Mason Pearson uses only the finest quality natural bristle from the wild boar - preferably from the colder climates, where boar bristle grows heavy and strong for protection.  Animals are not harmed in the collection of bristle.


    Handcrafted Tradition of Excellence

    Mason Pearson Hairbrushes of London, England retain their desirability as an elegant cosmetic accessory. In 1865, Mason Pearson invented and patented the pneumatic cushion for the hairbrush, thus creating a unique brush. To maintain the quality of the Mason Pearson Hairbrush it is not mass produced. The brush is produced in the "old world" manner, with many steps executed by hand and extra care taken to create a magnificent hair product.
    The Mason Pearson bristle is just right!  If the bristle is too soft, it cannot penetrate to the scalp completely.  If the bristle is too hard, it can cause inflammation and soreness of the scalp. Customers quickly discover that a Mason Pearson brush feels terrific and performs beautifully.
    In addition to the all-natural boar bristle, Mason Pearson offers a mixed bristle version for normal to thick hair.

    • These brushes contain a nylon strand in each tuft of pure boar bristle to afford better penetration to the scalp.
    • The durable nylon strand, with specially rounded ends, is longer than the boar bristle and serves primarily to massage and stimulate the scalp, bringing out the natural oils.
    • The company also offers all-nylon brushes designed to gently brush out the hair after shampooing.

    Proper Care for the Mason Pearson Brushes:

    A Mason Pearson hair brush is designed to provide many years of quality usage.  Each brush comes with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects, but not against normal wear and tear.Proper care is the key to preserving the integrity of the brush. Never apply hair sprays and mousses directly to the pad.  This will accelerate its deterioration.

    • Do not direct a hot hair dryer directly onto the bristles.  Extended heat from a hair dryer can damage the brush.  The bristle can snap, the rubber and nylon can begin to melt and perish, and the plastic can bend out of shape.
    •  Do not use the hairbrush on applications for which it was not designed.  e.g. it is not designed to be used on animals.
    • The brush should not be left continuously in strong sunlight.  The rubber perishes more quickly due to the ultraviolet light.  The sun's heat can also distort the handle.


    There are two recommended cleaning methods. Each of the brushes, except pocket size and child’s brushes, comes with a boar bristle Cleaning Brush.

    Mason Pearson Cleaning Brush Mason Pearson Cleaning Brush
    • Dry Clean it frequently. Draw the Cleaning Brush across the bristles from end to remove dead hair and scalp scales that can clog the pad and bristles.
    • NEVER USE A COMB as this may pull out the bristles and harm the rubber pad.
    • Wet Cleaning. Wash it occasionally. Here's how:
    • a.  Dip the Cleaning Brush Only in a lather of lukewarm, soapy water using a mild soap. Do not use detergents or ammonia. Use the Cleaning Brush to brush the bristles of your hairbrush the same way as in dry cleaning. Hold the hairbrush so that it is sloping downward and no water can enter the little air hole at the end of the pad. The air hole should never be blocked, either when cleaning or when the brush is in use. 
    • b.  Dip the Cleaning Brush in clean rinsing water and repeat the brushing movement.
    • c.  Shake the hairbrush to remove moisture and leave to dry with handle up and pad pointing down. Never dry bristles with a towel.

    Full cleaning instructions are included with each brush. Follow them for many years of superior service from your brush. Failure to comply with these care instructions will not only lessen the years of superior use but will render the manufacturer’s warranty null and void.

    How to Select the Mason Pearson Hairbrush that Suits You.

    Mason Pearson Hair Brushes are a handmade, luxury beauty item designed to meet your individual hair style and hair type needs. They give years of excellent service when you choose the brush that’s right for you.

    Type of Bristle for your Hair Type at a Glance:

    • For Normal to Fine Hair: Pure Boar Bristle is recommended. mason_pearson_small_extra_brush_b2_350w_1
    • For Normal to Thick Hair: Mixed Bristle Brush is recommended. large_MASB002009038N3_105 Handy Mix
    For Very Thick or Coarse Hair: All Nylon is recommended. 


    Brush-size Designations:

    • Small is called “Pocket.”
    • Medium is called “Handy.” 
    • Large is called “Popular,” “Large Extra,” “Small Extra,” or “Junior.” The name is determined by the number of rings of bristle and type of bristle (soft, stiff, mixture, etc.).

    The size of the brush determines the length of the bristle and the number of rings. The bristle must be long enough to reach the scalp and stimulate the sebum for you to get the benefit from the brush.

    The following chart will help you determine which brush will be best for your hair type and hair style.

    Brush Instructions

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