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Monthly Archives: April 2013

  • Taking Care of the Earth and You!


    why-earth-loves-organic-farming1-242x300In honor of Earth Day and Earth Week, I wanted to focus attention on our wide variety of natural, organic and Certified Organic products. Elements Beauty Shop has been very conscious of choosing product lines that include natural, organic and Certified Organic ingredients, use sustainable farming practices, and of course are animal friendly. (Meaning: No Animal Testing)

    In our research, we believe that we have come up with some of the finest companies, using the best, most ethical practices, and producing the finest natural products available. I would like to introduce you to 80 Acres.


    80AcresNat80 Acres Body oils, butters, balms and bath salts were born on the McEvoy Ranch in beautiful Petaluma, California. In 2012 the New York International Gift Fair recognized 80 Acres for being the best in eco-friendly products and business practices. In order to be included, the products must meet the following criteria:

    • “Green” Products: products that are manufactured or constructed with only recycled, recycleable and/or sustainable materials
    • Environmentally-Friendly Production Practices: manufacturers who are using renewable or alternative sources of energy in production, including wind, sun and alternative fuels
    • Socially Responsible Business Practices
    • Meet NYIGF’s “zero tolerance” policy for toxic products: VOC; Lead: PVC, without recommendation for use and disposal, and unless repurposed; and Aniline dyes, formaldehyde, chlorine (for textiles)

    The entire 80 Acres Body Care collection is made locally in small batches using USDA-certified organic olive oil and a rich variety of botanically sourced ingredients. They use recycled packaging as much as possible and operate a wind turbine at their olive ranch which is designed to meet 100% of their energy needs. All of their products are paraben, pthalate and sulfate-free and never tested on animals.

    Well done, 80 Acres!


  • Organic Beauty

    organic skin care

    As a nation, we sure have come a long way in the way we treat Mother Earth. More people upcycle, recycle, build greener, more efficient homes, reduce our energy consumption.....and the list goes on.

    But what about what we put on our skin? Did you know that over 60% of what we put ON our skin is absorbed into our bodies? Yep, it's true! What exactly is a phthalate or sodium laurel sulfate, PEG's, DEA's and butylene glycol? And do we really want it in our bodies?

    Most consumers have started purchasing organic food because they don't want to be exposed to harmful pesticides and chemicals. That’s the same reason millions of consumers have turned to natural and organic beauty products made with certified organic ingredients; they want to have all the benefits of great beauty products without any unhealthy ingredients.


    Introducing JUICE BEAUTY! The skincare created in an antioxidant rich juice base, which means that every drop feeds your skin with powerful antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins and minerals! clinically validated and authentically organic.

    Clinically Validated Instrument Measured Results (in just 6 weeks):

    • 100% improved hydration
    • 96% improved dark circles and puffiness around eyes
    • 88% reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
    • 88% improved skin tone and luminosity
    • 75% improved elasticity of the skin
    • Before

    Before and after

    Clinically Validated Results (in just 4 weeks):

    • Green Apple Age Defy Serum: Reduces free radical damage by 68% with significant brightening properties
    • Green Apple Age Defy Moisturizer: Reduces free radical damage up to 59%

    Before and After 2After 4 Weeks with an Independent Focus Group, Results Show:

    • 94% saw improvement to complete clearing
    • 88% of participants saw significant enhanced skin tone and texture with the Green Apple Peel treatment immediately

    My list of favorites:

    Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer

    Stem Cellular Repair Booster Serum


    Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream

    (in Natural Glow or Warm Glow)

    What is CC Cream? Think BB Cream on Steroids! A color correcting 12 in 1 multi-tasking cream for your skin that leaves it fresh and glowing and beautiful!

    Use this with just a hint of concealer on those hard to cover blemishes and there is no need for foundation! Perfect for summer!


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