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Mason Pearson Cleaning Brush

Mason Pearson Cleaning Brush

Cleans the Brush that Cleans Your Hair

Indispensable Mason Pearson cleaning tool. Easily cleans your brush and keeps your investment in tip-top shape.




Indispensable cleaning brush for all your Mason Pearson brushes, especially necessary for the Pocket-sized brushes as a cleaning brush is not included. The cleaning brush will remove trapped dead hair , dry scalp scales and other debris from the hair brush bristles. Used for both the dry and wet cleaning methods.
Ideal For:
Cleaning all Mason Pearson hair brushes.
How It Works:

The stiff bristles of the cleaning brush remove all hair and debris when swept over the hair brush bristles using the dry cleaning method.

In wet cleaning, only the cleaning brush is dipped in water. NEVER SOAK THE HAIR BRUSH.

Beauty Benefits:
Cleans the hair brush for years of quality usage. Preserves the pneumatic rubber cushion from water damage.
Suggested Use:
Dry clean your hair brush frequently by drawing the cleaning brush across the bristles from end to end. Do not use a comb to clean the brush as this may damage the integrity of the pneumatic rubber cushion and tear out bristles. In wet cleaning, Dip the Cleaning Brush only in a lather of lukewarm, soapy water using a mild soap. Do not use detergents or ammonia.Draw the cleaning brush across the bristles in the same way as in dry cleaning.
Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU MP-Cleanbrush
Brand Mason Pearson
Product Type Hair Tools
Hair Care Concern No
Features No
Key Ingredients No
Hair Type No
Ingredients No
Product Form No
Precautions: Follow all cleaning instructions. Proper care is the key to preserving the integrity of the brush. Never soak the hair brush.Only wet the cleaning brush. Never use a comb to dry clean the hair brush as this may pull out bristles. Never use detergents or ammonia to clean the brush as this will destroy the rubber pad.
Our Thoughts The proper cleaning brush will preserve the investment you've made in your Mason Pearson hair brush and keep it in fine shape for many, many years!
Product Size(s) 2.0 oz
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