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Shop MALIN+GOETZ for Sensitive Skincare Products

MALIN+GOETZ Apothecary & Lab, focuses on creating high quality natural bath, body and skincare products for men and women who struggle with sensitive and problematic skin. Their goal is to simplify your skincare and bath rituals with gentle and easy-to-use treatments that achieve perfect pH balance for your skin and that give enhanced performance without irritation. MALIN+GOETZ also offers gorgeous fragrances and candles, made without synthetics, for a beautiful, sensuous experience.

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Malin+Goetz Apothecaries

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  1. Malin + Goetz Cilantro Hair Conditioner

    KEEP YOUR HAIR CONDITIONED! ON SALE!! ONLY 5 of the 16 oz size left. Only 2 of the 8 oz size left!!

    Condition your hair the Malin + Goetz way with this gentle and light-weight conditioner designed for all hair types. 8 oz. & 16 oz.

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  2. MALIN + GOETZ Firm Hold Gel

    Regular Price: $22.00

    Special Price $19.00

    Multi-Use Gel for Men & Women ON SALE! Hurry! 
    "Old School" styling gel hydrates hair and gives it "shine" and a firm hold without flakes or irritating the scalp. 4.0 oz
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  3. Malin+Goetz Intensive Hair Conditioner

    Regular Price: $26.00

    Special Price $22.00

    MOISTURIZE, REPAIR & REPLENISH IN 5 MINUTES! Saturate your hair & pump up the moisture the Malin + Goetz way with this five-minute, once a week, intensive hair conditioner/ mask. 4.0 oz. Learn More
  4. Malin + Goetz Moisturizing Shampoo

    Regular Price: $28.00

    Special Price $24.00


    Keep your color-treated hair nourished and moisturized the Malin + Goetz way with this hydrating shampoo. 8 oz.

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4 Item(s)